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We are experienced Audiobook and Voice Over specialists, recording everything from full length novels to commercial Voice Overs.



From short stories to full length novels, Spiral has the expertise to produce your audio book to the highest professional standard, and make you or your voice over actor sound amazing! We work to the highest standard, ensuring a crisp, clear recording with no unwanted background noise or hum. We work with several publishing houses in the United States and Europe, both independent and commercial.

Audio books often fall into two categories:

1) Audio recorded at Spiral, with proofing, editing and mastering done externally.

2) Full package recorded at Spiral, including proofing, editing and mastering.  


If you are unsure of the best way to get your book recorded please get in contact. We have access to a range of actors / narrators who could help you with your next project. 



Spiral specialises in commercial voice over recording, from adverts to product support videos. Whether you're a small local business or a large production company, Spiral offers extremely competitive rates and works to the highest standard, ensuring a quick turnaround and crisp, clear audio. 

Spiral offers two types of packages:

1) Audio recorded at Spiral, with editing and mastering done yourself or by an external production company.

2) Full project with Spiral; we edit the audio to remove large breaths, unwanted mouth noises, etc. This is followed by mastering, bringing the audio up to a professional release standard.


If you are unsure which elements of the recording process you need for your project, please get in touch and we'd be happy to give your our advice.

Spiral also offers an audio & video syncing service using the latest Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere video software. If you are looking for a complete audio and video package at a competitive rate please contact us.  

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